"Album Artifact" pixel art book

This month we are proud to feature the book “Album Artifact” by pixel artist and musician Marc Beaudette. This amazing art and design book takes a look at Iconic Album Covers and re-imagines them as 12x12 pixel art. Now you can create your favorite music album covers out of Pix Brix.

"How far can you boil something down until you reach its core essence? What does it take to create something new while still keeping the integrity of the original source material? "
“The idea of this book was to explore the relationship of iconography and color placement. Sometimes the mind can focus better when you blur your eyes.”  Marc Beaudette

Create your own Pixel Album Art

Re-create your favorite album artwork or create your very own design. With the versatility of Pix-Brix you can create any 2D pixel design you can imagine!