The Pix Brix Photo Pixelator allows the artist to size, crop, and pixelate their favorite images! The user is given a color piece count and section breakdown to build their own personalized pixel puzzle master piece out of Pix Brix. Find out more about Pix Brix here.

Two Easy Ways to Use the Photo Pixelator!

1. Use the Pixelator on the Pix Brix website (scroll down the page to use now!).

2. Download the app from Apple Store or Google Play!

How Does the Pixelator Work?

Pixelate your loved ones, pets, musicians, celebrities, and athletes! Hang your creation in your home as pixel art or build someone a special gift. The question is...What Will You Pixelate?®

Website Pix Brix Photo Pixelator: 

Happy Pixelating!