Christmas Pixel Puzzle Diorama


Create a whimsically charming Christmas tableau with Pix Brix, the groundbreaking pixel art puzzle brick! Construct an irresistibly cute Christmas scene featuring Santa Claus delicately placing presents beneath the tree within the convenient folding Diorama Christmas Box.

Immerse yourself in the festive spirit as you bring this heartwarming scene to life using Pix Brix, the revolutionary pixel puzzle brick that adds a touch of magic to your holiday celebrations.

The Pix Brix Christmas Diorama Set is not only a joy to build but also a delightful decoration to cherish throughout the holiday season. Watch Santa come to life alongside a beautifully adorned Christmas tree with a shining star and carefully wrapped presents, all intricately crafted with the included 902 pieces in 12 vibrant colors.

After reveling in the holiday cheer, simply store and save your Pix Brix Christmas Diorama for the next festive season! The durable and stylish diorama display box ensures that your masterpiece remains intact and ready to spread joy year after year.

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