Gamer's Christmas

Gamer's Christmas

Ho, ho, ho! Merrrrry Christmas, everyone! Since we're feeling especially festive over here at Pix Brix, we created this "Gamer Christmas" template that you can easily recreate at home!

First, you'll need the following bulk brix.

bulk brix gamer christmas


Then, use the following templates to help build each piece of the picture:


Christmas Tree:

christmas tree template



mario template



luigi template


Ta-da! Once done, the completed design should look like so:

Gamers Christmas Pix Brix

Merry Christmas!

Best Christmas Present

Best Christmas Present

With the holiday season fast approaching, you may be at a loss for what to buy your kids, friends, or extended family that is both creative and fun. Well, look no further because Pix Brix building blocks are your answer! 

As we’ve outlined in previous blog posts, building blocks are an essential part to childhood development and foster an environment of creativity, imagination, and open-ended play. Pix Brix building blocks allow your creativity to flourish as you design your favorite characters or create ones from your imagination!

The below flat designs, created during October and inspired by Halloween, are great examples of the masterpieces you can design with Pix Brix.

pix brim phantom of the opera

Lon Chaney Sr as The Phantom Of The Opera. This design used a whopping 6,300 pieces and measures 22 x 28 inches! Design by "maninthebook."

ghost busters

This design has 3,375 pieces and measures 20.5 x 17 inches!

Pix Brix makes great stocking stuffers or serve as an excellent main present, giving your kids a break from technology overload! As an added bonus, Pix Brix are compatible with most major building blocks so you can easily combine both and make something epic.

Be sure to tag us in your designs or use hashtag #pixbrix

Happy pixelating!


Pix Brix Flat Builds

Pix Brix Flat Builds

The possibilities with Pix Brix are endless– and we’re not just saying that! Not only is Pix Brix compatible with major building block brands (like ones that rhyme with Eggo), but you can use Pix Brix building blocks entirely by themselves to create any type of masterpiece!

In this blog post, we’ll highlight some of the flat builds that can be done with Pix Brix. Similar to the flat designs of Perler Beads, you don’t always have to build "up" when using building blocks. Not only do flat designs look cool– you can hang them!

The below design is Rick from the popular show, Rick and Morty.

rick and forty pix brix building blocks

The next design is the iconic video game character, Mega Man. In this piece, you can see the front and back of design.

mega man pix brix

Another iconic favorite– Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony!

rainbow dash pix brix

These designs are only the tipping point of the custom creations one can create with Pix Brix building blocks. And now, with free shipping on orders of over $30, this makes an even greater gift to send friends, family, nieces, nephews, and grandkids! What will you pixelate? Be sure to tag us or use hashtag #pixbrix!

Pix Brix 8-Bit Designs

Pix Brix 8-Bit Designs

Pix Brix are compatible with most major building blocks, but can also be used completely on their own to create pixelated masterpieces. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the 8-bit designs you can create and build using Pix Brix.

Some building block brands require the additional purchase of a base plate. With Pix Brix, you can create your very own base plate or 3-D background. Below are some examples of the flat designs you can build using Pix Brix. You can even hang these cool creations on your wall!

Pix Brix 8-Bit designs

Pictured (left to right): Storm Trooper, Wonder Woman, Game of Thrones.

Are you building a vast wilderness or expanding your farm? In either case you can create limitless backdrops for all of your imaginative designs. Below is an example backdrop for your farm:

Pix brim Farm playset

Whether you're creating designs of your favorite characters– Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, and other Marvel Comic heroes or villains– or creating your favorite wilderness scene, Pix Brix offers limitless combinations and connections to create your favorite 3-D, 8-bit, and retro designs. Shop now at

Get Creative with Pix Brix

Get Creative with Pix Brix

We can define creativity, but where does it stem from and reside? How do the Pablo Picasso’s and Frida Kahlo’s of the world create an artistic masterpiece from a blank canvas? We’ll let the scholars hash out these great human mysteries, but one thing’s for sure– people’s creativity never ceases to amaze.

Our Pix Brix building blocks facilitate creativity and stimulate the imagination. And they happen to be compatible with most major building block brands so they can easily be integrated with your existing building blocks! But if you prefer purely pixelated creations, the sky is the limit for what you can create, design, and build using only Pix Brix!

Below are a few Pix Brix creations, including nifty keyboard holders!

Building block toys can be creative masterpieces whether you're recreating your favorite superhero or building something solely from your imagination.

Below are some amazing LEGO® builds you can use for inspiration when using your Pix Brix. You can see the complete list, and original article these appeared from, here.


We offer something for everyone– we have sets where we include all applicable building block pieces to design a cow, eagle, or fox. Or we offer piles of solid color Pix Brix to design whatever you'd like! Integrate Pix Brix with your current building blocks or use them on their own!

What will you pixelate?

"Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try." Dr. Seuss


LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site. Pix Brix is an independent site not authorized or sponsored by the LEGO Group.


Mario Coin Box

Mario Coin Box

We showed you how to pixelate Mario & Luigi and a Gamer's Christmas, now it's time for a Mario Coin Box! Instructions below– have fun! You can buy the needed bulk brix by clicking here.

mario coin box


End Result


Versatile & Fostering Imagination

Versatile & Fostering Imagination

By now you've heard of Pix Brix building blocks and all the cool ways you can create, design, and let your imagination run wild with this very versatile building block! 

Beyond that, studies show the powerful benefits of imaginative play including the ability to learn more quickly, improve memory, increase creativity, and improve communication. And, according to Parenting For Brain, "free play enhances divergent thinking" and "playing enhances children's adjustments, language, and social and emotional stability by 33% to 67%."

But Pix Brix building blocks aren't only for kids– adults love them too! Visit our Instagram to view some of the awesome builds created by people of all ages!


Dream It, Then Build It

Pix Brix are great for 3-D designs, flat builds, and mosaics. They're even compatible with most major brands making it easy peasy to incorporate with your current building blocks. 

cactus pix brix


Great For Businesses Too

If you own the copyright, Pix Brix can create it! Below are some sample designs showing off the possibilities of Pix Brix. These are great for trade shows, sporting events, product launches, and gift bags! Contact us at to learn more!

nintendo pix brix


ohio state pix brix example

All that's left to ask is - WHAT WILL YOU PIXELATE? Get started today at!

Pix Brix Makes Designing Fun And Easy

Pix Brix Makes Designing Fun And Easy

Creating awesome designs with Pix Brix is easier than ever! Unlike the other guys, Pix Brix does not require any additional materials other than the product itself. You do not have the extra expense of purchasing base plates or wax paper, and you don't need to use an iron to make the pieces adhere to one another. Our patent-patenting design allows for intricate connections in every direction allowing the freedom to create just about anything from flat designs to 3-D models. We also happen to be compatible with most major brands allowing for easy integration with your current building block sets. 

Below are a few different designs to showcase the versatility of Pix Brix building blocks. 



 Soon, we'll have a new website and a way to print out free templates via our Pinterest page. Stay tuned to our blog, Facebook, and Instagram for news and updates! And be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter where we showcase new designs and offer an exclusive limited-time discount you won't find anywhere else. Happy Pixelating! Be sure to tag us in your creations using hashtag #pixbrix.

Mario & Luigi…Pix Brix Style

Mario & Luigi…Pix Brix Style

From time to time we will update our blog with fun DIY builds. And this happens to be one of those times! Make your own Mario & Luigi Pix Brix!

Below are the step-by-step instructions plus direct links to purchase the needed bulk brix. And, for a limited time, enjoy 10% off* Bulk Brix! Use discount code MARIO at checkout. Hurry, deal expires Monday, April 16!


Mario Instructions:

Bulk Brix needed: Black, Brown, Blue, Beige,Yellow, White, Red


Luigi Instructions:

Bulk Brix needed: Black, Blue, Beige, Green, Blue, White, Yellow


*The Fine Print: Each discount code requires a minimum purchase of $10 and cannot be combined with any other discount code or special offer. In order to receive free shipping, you must meet minimum purchase of $30. If you use a coupon code and it brings order total below $30, you will need to add another item until cart total is $30 or above. Thank you.

Pix Brix Flat Designs

Pix Brix Flat Designs

Pix Brix building blocks offer endless hours of pixelated fun. In this blog, we’ll focus on flat designs and how Pix Brix are a lot more convenient than the “other guys.”

Building blocks are popular for many reasons, but the main one is likely the imaginative component. You can either create your favorite character or design a scene straight from your imagination! How cool is that?! With the influx of technology and streaming services that let us binge watch TV shows for hours, it’s nice to flex those brain muscles from time to time! 

Above designs made entirely with Pix Brix! #pixbrix

Other similar products are way more inconvenient than Pix Brix. You either have to purchase a base plate separately (this is in addition to the actual pieces) or you have to use a hot iron and parchment paper (iron can be dangerous, and since the design isn’t necessarily locked in, it can easily be disturbed).

Pix Brix takes the headache out of all of that. With our patent-pending design, each piece interlocks with the other. No base plate is needed nor an iron or any other materials besides the Pix Brix themselves. Easy peasy! 

People are creating some true Pix Brix masterpieces where they use THOUSANDS of pieces. Be sure to visit our Facebook and Instagram to check out the awesomeness! And be sure to use hashtag #pixbix so we can see your cool designs too! Happy Pixelating!