Pix-Brix is on Pinterest!

Pix-Brix is on Pinterest!

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"Album Artifact" pixel art book

"Album Artifact" pixel art book

This month we are proud to feature the book “Album Artifact” by pixel artist and musician Marc Beaudette. This amazing art and design book takes a look at Iconic Album Covers and re-imagines them as 12x12 pixel art. Now you can create your favorite music album covers out of Pix Brix.

"How far can you boil something down until you reach its core essence? What does it take to create something new while still keeping the integrity of the original source material? "
“The idea of this book was to explore the relationship of iconography and color placement. Sometimes the mind can focus better when you blur your eyes.”  Marc Beaudette

Create your own Pixel Album Art

Re-create your favorite album artwork or create your very own design. With the versatility of Pix-Brix you can create any 2D pixel design you can imagine!  

Pixel Art in real life

Pixel Art in real life

Using Pix-Brix not only allows you to think two dimensionally but three dimensionally as well.

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Create Just About Anything With Pix Brix!

Create Just About Anything With Pix Brix!

People are catching on to all of the creative possibilities with Pix Brix! No matter your age or expertise level with building blocks, Pix Brix offers hours of imaginative and creative enjoyment for the whole family. Whether you enjoy flat builds, 3-D designs, or want to integrate them with your major brand building blocks, Pix Brix offers a little bit of everything. 

While we do offer a farm and wilderness set where we show you how to assemble each animal, our biggest hit are the bulk brix where you can create anything you want! Research continues to support the value of open-ended play. Michigan State University says, “When children are given a toy that goes along with a movie or TV show, they know the “story” of how it should be played with, what should happen and the order of events. It can be hard for young children to be flexible enough to alter that story, to bring in characters that don’t “belong,” or to change the ending. There is room for this in play; many adults have fond memories of playing out similar stories of superheroes or fairy tale characters. However, when children only have access to toys with a familiar script, their opportunities to engage creative, spontaneous play can be limited. Play, and in particular creative play, has been identified as a key component of building children’s resilience, ability to focus and the ability to act intentionally, even when the outcome is unknown. These skills translate into competence and capability in adults.”

And with Pix Brix the only limit is your imagination! Easily create flat designs without the need of base plates, irons or anything else other than your Pix Brix.

If you prefer more 3-D environments, Pix Brix can do that too! Below is an example from our Facebook friend Bo Williams.

pix brix 3d design

And last but not least, Pix Brix are compatible with most major brands allowing for even more possibilities and connections! 

Pixel Perfect Christmas Tree

Pixel Perfect Christmas Tree

Create this awesome Pix Brix Christmas tree! Instructions below. Be sure to tag us on Instagram and Facebook with your creations – we love to see them and share with other Pix Brix fans! #pixbrix

How many Pix Brix you'll need:

  • BROWN 92
  • GREEN 240
  • BLUE 7
  • RED 31
  • PINK 6
  • PURPLE 6
  • YELLOW 31
  • ORANGE 6

Note: this count doesn't include the gifts/presents shown in photo. 

christmas tree instructions



christmas tree instructions 2


November Recap

November Recap

The past month has been a whirlwind of adventure as we continue to spread the word far and wide about Pix Brix! 

Designer Con 2017

DCon is a yearly event held in Pasadena, CA, that boasts 400 vendors and held over 2 days. It was our first year being part of the hoopla and, in short, it was a ton of fun! It was great meeting fans and fellow vendors excelling in art and design! If you missed out this year, definitely make a point to join us next year where it will be held in Anaheim, CA.

We were so busy during the event, we didn’t take many pictures, but here are a couple!

designercon pix brix

rick and morty pix brix

Tiny Metal

We had the opportunity to collaborate with the makers of Tiny Metal! Tiny Metal is an awesome new game recently released for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. We created 1,500 of these Pix Brix tanks that will be given away at the upcoming PSX show in Anaheim from December 9–10. Tag or DM us pics on Instagram and Facebook if you’re lucky enough to snag a tank!

tiny metal pix brix

Future So Bright

We have some other goodies in the works that will make using Pix Brix and designing amazing stuff even easier. Stay tuned for that news! We anticipate it’ll be ready early next year!

Brix Builder Packs

Brix Builder Packs

Pix Brix building blocks are known for their versatility and compatibility with major building block brands. You can create awesome 3-D designs as well as flat pieces. Base plates are not necessary.

Each Brix Builder Pack includes 200 pieces. We have 15 color options including red, orange, yellow, white, pink, purple, and blue. From time to time, we also offer exclusive specials where we give you all the pieces plus instructions on making custom designs. This past Halloween we featured the Jack O’Lantern Set, which was a big hit.

The great thing about these custom packages, is you can always create additional designs once the season has passed. 

We’re always looking for ways to better serve our customers and make custom creations even easier to design! We’ve been working on some great customer tools, which will be unveiled late 2017 or early 2018. In the meantime, happy pixelating!

Pix Brix Make Great Gifts

Pix Brix Make Great Gifts

"It's universal, and it's powerful: Toy blocks and other construction toys can change the way kids think. Building projects stimulate creativity, and sharpen crucial skills.

As developmental psychologist Rachel Keen notes, parents and teachers "need to design environments that encourage and enhance problem solving from a young age" (Keen 2011). And construction toys seem ideally suited to the purpose. Studies suggest they can help kids develop

  • motor skills and hand-eye coordination,
  • spatial skills,
  • a capacity for creative, divergent thinking,
  • social skills, and
  • language skills.

Moreover, children can integrate their own constructions into pretend play scenarios. There is also evidence that complex block-play is linked with advanced math skills in later life.

Here I review the cognitive benefits of playing with toy blocks. I also offer tips for making block-play more stimulating and rewarding. For more evidence-based information, see my article about construction and STEM skills, and this Parenting Science guide to educational toys and games." You can continue reading this article from Parenting Science here.

Pix Brix Building Blocks make great gifts for birthdays, Christmas, or other celebratory events like school promotion or graduation. And the best part is, kids won't have to give up their LEGOs® since Pix Brix are compatible with most major brands.

One of the most rewarding parts of our job is seeing all the cool designs our fans come up with from Pac-Man Ghost to Spiderman to My Little Pony characters. At conventions, we'll sometimes have competitions and events where people can design any creation they like. Below are a few images from that.

 pix brim convention


pix brim convention - mouse


pix brix convention dino

 Watching people of all ages design, create, and build various images is cool to be part of! And we love all the science-backed research placing building blocks toward the top of the list on ways to improve creativity, spatial skills, and other important developmental components of children.

Get pixelating! We offer free shipping on order of $30 or more. Shop now at

Building Blocks Increase Creativity

Building Blocks Increase Creativity

Utilizing toys as facilitators for cognitive development and enhanced imagination date back to the industrial revolution. In today’s world, companies seek creative talent and open-ended play is one way to develop these important skills. Building blocks are a great source of open-ended play where you can build, create, and design anything that pops into your mind!

Pix Brix building blocks are gaining notoriety for their ability to do a little bit of everything. Need a 3-D design of your favorite action figure? No problem. Need a flat design without the annoyance and extra expense of buying a base plate? We have you covered.

If you enjoy LEGOs®, Perler Beads, and other similar sources of fun and entertainment, then you truly will love Pix Brix Building Blocks. What’s great is Pix Brix is even compatible with all the major building block brands so you can easily combine your sets.

If feeling less creative, or a great option for younger children (ages 3 and up), you can follow our simple instructions on how to create your favorite farm or wilderness animal. We give you all the pieces, and you simply assemble them. Easy, peasey, and FUN!

Shop now at!

If you enjoyed this post, you might like this one too– 10 Things Children Learn From Building Blocks.

"I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge. That myth is more potent than history. That dreams are more powerful than facts. That hope always triumphs over experience. That laughter is the only cure for grief. And I believe that love is stronger than death." Robert Fulghum, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten: Uncommon Thoughts On Common Things

New YouTube Channel!

New YouTube Channel!

We're excited to unveil our new YouTube Channel! We will showcase everything Pix Brix from our animal sets to custom builds. Stay tuned for some exciting stuff!

In the meantime, view some of the videos we have already posted showcasing our farm animals.


And don't forget– Pix Brix building blocks are compatible with most major building block brands so the creative possibilities are endless! What will you pixelate?



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