1500pc Mixed Bundle with Tool


Embark on a Creative Pixel Art Adventure!

Discover the ultimate building experience with the Pix Brix 1500pc Mixed Bundle Pack. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a curious beginner, this set is your gateway to the vibrant world of pixel art.

Transform Ideas into Art: With a complete 32-color palette, bring your visions to life. The Light, Medium, and Dark series offer a spectrum of shades for intricate detail and depth.

Precision at Your Fingertips: The included PB Tool empowers you to build with accuracy and ease, enhancing your artistic flow.

Organized and Accessible: Housed in a clear plastic box, your Pix Brix are always neatly arranged and ready for your next project.

Compatible and Versatile: Perfectly fitting with Lego and other brands, these bricks expand your creative possibilities, all without the need for glue or water.

A World of Possibilities: Whether it’s 2D pixel art or 3D structures, the 1500pc Mixed Bundle is your canvas for endless creativity.

Your journey into the colorful realm of pixel perfection starts here. Get your Pix Brix 1500pc Mixed Bundle Pack today and paint your world one pixel at a time.

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