Unleashing Creativity with Pix Brix: The Great Wave Off Kanagawa Kit

In the world of creative construction and pixel art, Pix Brix presents a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of classical art with a modern twist. Our latest addition, The Great Wave Off Kanagawa Kit, invites enthusiasts of all ages to recreate Hokusai's iconic masterpiece using the innovative and versatile Pix Brix system.

A Dive into Artistic History

The Great Wave off Kanagawa, originally crafted by the Japanese artist Hokusai in the early 19th century, captures the awe-inspiring power of the ocean with Mount Fuji serenely rising in the background. This woodblock print has fascinated art lovers for centuries with its dynamic movement and exquisite detail.

Pixelated Perfection

The Pix Brix Great Wave kit transforms this classic art piece into a pixelated masterpiece, offering a hands-on experience that bridges the gap between traditional art appreciation and the contemporary world of pixel puzzles. With 4,187 precision-crafted pieces, builders can enjoy the satisfaction of seeing a world-renowned art piece come to life, one pixel at a time.

What's in the Box?

  • 4,187 Pix Brix Pieces: Each piece is designed to connect perfectly, allowing for a seamless building experience without the need for glue or ironing.
  • Color-Coded Template: A step-by-step guide makes assembly accessible and enjoyable, regardless of your experience level with pixel art.
  • PB Tool: This handy tool not only assists in placing and removing bricks but also ensures that each piece is perfectly aligned, guaranteeing a flawless finish.

Beyond the Build

Upon completion, The Great Wave becomes more than just a project; it transforms into a stunning piece of decor that pays homage to Hokusai's timeless artistry. This set is not only a testament to your creativity and patience but also serves as a beautiful conversation starter.

For the Love of Art and Innovation

Whether you're an art aficionado, a puzzle enthusiast, or simply looking for a new creative outlet, the Pix Brix Great Wave kit offers an engaging and fulfilling experience. It's an invitation to connect with art in a hands-on manner, exploring the intricacies of one of the most famous Japanese artworks through the lens of pixel art.


Immerse yourself in the art of pixelation with Pix Brix. For more information and to get your hands on The Great Wave Off Kanagawa Kit, click here.