Rey Fenix - Luchador Pixel Puzzle Kits

$5.09 $16.99

Immerse yourself in the world of Lucha Libre with the MexaKing himself! Introducing the officially licensed Legends of Lucha Libre Pix Brix 8-bit Rey Fenix. This kit allows you to bring Rey Fenix to life in both 3D form and a 2D rendition of his iconic mask. Showcase your passion for Lucha Libre by proudly displaying both pixelated builds together.

Each box includes Pix Brix and step-by-step instructions, providing all you need to construct two unique Rey Fenix creations. Whether you're a wrestling enthusiast or a pixel puzzle aficionado, this officially licensed Pix Brix kit offers a thrilling combination of iconic wrestling and pixelated art.

Step into the ring of creativity and celebrate the high-flying energy of Legends of Lucha Libre with the 8-bit Rey Fenix kit. Order now and add this iconic piece to your collection – where the world of wrestling meets the art of pixel construction!

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