The Options Are Endless With Pix Brix

The Options Are Endless With Pix Brix

One reason why Pix Brix stands out from the crowd is because we offer two distinct play options! Below we go into more detail about each.

Option One

We have two animal series to choose from (and more on the way!): Farm Animals and Wilderness Animals.

Our farm animals are a cute collection of cows, ducks, and even piglets. Our Wilderness series is for all of the explorers out there and includes foxes, moose, and even turtles!

We include step-by-step instructions on how to assemble each animal. These sets serve as a great and creative pastime whether you want to entertain your kids at the dinner table, doctor's office or those long road trips. 

Option Two

With our Bulk Brix Sets, you can create anything you like! Additionally, Pix Brix building blocks are compatible with most major brands so they can easily be added to your existing building block sets. You can create your favorite characters from TV, books, and the movies or create additional animals for your Farm or Wilderness sets. We mean it when we say the options are endless!

We love seeing what our fans create and will often feature these custom builds on our social media, so be sure to tag us using hashtag #pixbrix! Happy Pixelating!


Affordable & Fun

Affordable & Fun

Pix Brix building blocks offer an affordable and creative outlet for your children. Numerous studies continue to suggest that playing with building block toy sets sharpen hand-eye coordination, spatial skills, and social skills. 

Building block toys might even improve math skills. As the article in Parenting Science outlines, "In one study, the complexity of a child's LEGO® play at the age of 4 had long-term predictive power: More complex play during the preschool years was correlated with higher mathematics achievement in high school, even after controlling for a child's IQ."

Pix Brix transforms your building blocks with new possibilities and creations. You can create virtually any type of 3D designs including robots, animals, mosaics, and more!

For as little as $1, you can buy your children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews Pix Brix building blocks for hours of joyous playtime.

Next time you're searching for the perfect birthday gift or tech-free child activity, we hope you'll consider purchasing Pix Brix and fostering an environment of creative play and imaginative adventure.


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