Street Fighter® – Blanka

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Immerse yourself in the electrifying universe of the Pix Brix Street Fighter® Pixel Puzzle series and build your favorite Street Fighter® characters!

Unleash the power of the officially licensed Capcom Blanka kit, featuring 768pcs and a color-coded template that reveals the character's background story alongside original Street Fighter II® artwork. Engage in the challenge of crafting Blanka's distinctive persona with precision and artistic flair.

Collect all 8 original characters to assemble the deluxe Street Fighter® Pixel Puzzle, a captivating masterpiece perfect for display on your wall or shelf. Suitable for all ages (6+), this puzzle is a must-have for enthusiasts in toy and gaming rooms. Honored with the "Best Geeky Gift" title in the puzzle category by Pop Insider Magazine.

Seize the opportunity to own this award-winning puzzle and pay homage to the iconic characters of Street Fighter® in pixelated perfection. Order now and elevate your puzzle collection with the electrifying essence of Blanka!

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