Street Fighter® 3D Mini Pixel Fighter – Dhalsim

$8.09 $26.99

Step into the world of Street Fighter® with Pix Brix 3D Buildable Figurines! Bring to life your favorite Street Fighter® character, the mystical Dhalsim known as "The Flame That Lights The Way," and proudly exhibit him in the paint can display case featuring authentic Street Fighter II character level artwork backdrops.

This officially licensed Capcom kit is a meticulously crafted homage to the dynamic Street Fighter® universe. Inside, discover Pix Brix, comprehensive instructions with character statistics, a dedicated display case, and an exciting bonus – a Street Fighter prismatic collectible trading card!

Capture the essence of Dhalsim's unique abilities and presence in pixelated perfection. Elevate your collection with this essential pixel puzzle kit that pays homage to one of Street Fighter's iconic characters.

Order now and pixelate Dhalsim, "The Flame That Lights The Way," with Pix Brix – where the spirit of battle meets the art of pixel construction!

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