Masked Republic Mask - Luchador Pixel Puzzle Kits

$5.39 $17.99

Step into the electrifying world of Legends of Lucha Libre with the Official Pix Brix Masked Republic Luchador Mask Kit. Craft your own 8-bit pixel version of the iconic Masked Republic Luchador mask and transform it into a stunning piece of wall art.

Unleash your creativity with the included Pix Brix, PB Tool, and step-by-step instructions, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable building experience. This unique kit not only captures the essence of the Lucha Libre spirit but also serves as a vibrant display of pixel puzzle art.

Elevate your space by showcasing your pixel puzzle mask build as a captivating wall hanging. The Masked Republic Luchador Mask Kit is more than just a building experience; it's a statement piece that celebrates the fusion of art and wrestling culture.

Perfect for Lucha Libre enthusiasts and collectors, this kit offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to bring the excitement of Legends of Lucha Libre into your home. Order now and embark on a pixelated journey that transforms wrestling into a work of art!

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