Empire State Building Pixel Puzzle


Introducing the latest marvel in our Building Series - the Empire State Building Pixel Puzzle. This exceptional kit invites you to recreate the splendor of the iconic New York skyscraper, celebrated for its Art Deco design. Perfect for both avid collectors and budding builders, this set includes an impressive 9,440 Pix Brix pieces, a color-coded template for easy assembly, a handy PB Tool, and a wall mounting kit for display.

Experience the grandeur of one of the world's most famous buildings in pixel form, a testament to the beauty of architectural art combined with the fun of pixel puzzle building. Ideal for gifting, home decor, or as a unique project, this set promises an engaging and rewarding building experience.

Final Built Size: 19.2 x 52 inches / 48.8 x 132 cm

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