Pix Brix Bob Ross


Awarded the "Best Geeky Gift" for 2020 by The Pop Insider.

Unlock your inner artist and bring the joy of Bob Ross to life with the officially licensed Pix Brix Bob Ross kit! Encased in a charming paint can, this kit includes Pix Brix, comprehensive instructions, and a printed Bob Ross painting. Piece by pixel, construct a delightful rendition of the iconic Bob Ross, capturing the essence of his happy little persona.

Once assembled, showcase your pixelated masterpiece in the paint can case, with Bob Ross's own painting as the backdrop – a harmonious blend of artistry and homage. Ideal for gifting or as a personal tribute for any Bob Ross enthusiast, this officially licensed Pix Brix kit is a unique and delightful addition to your collection.

Elevate your creative space with the positivity and inspiration embodied by Bob Ross. Order now and build your happy little pixel Bob to infuse your surroundings with the joy of artistic expression!

"And that may be the true joy of painting, when you share it with other people. I really believe that's the true joy..." Bob Ross.

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