Arctic Blind Box


Far above the Arctic Circle, wild animals roam the icy plains and swim in cold blue waters. Explore the Far North with this wild set of pixel animals and experience the Arctic for yourself!

Choose From:

1 Blind Box

  • Each Arctic Blind Box includes: Mystery Arctic Animal, Glacier, and Arctic Water mini kits!

10 Blind Box Special (includes 2 FREE boxes!)

  • Want to build your own Arctic scene? Purchase the 10 blind box special and receive all the animals in the series plus 2 FREE additional blind boxes! That is a total of 36 mini kits to build your own custom Arctic play land!

All Pix Brix Animals are built using the patented Pix Brix sliding connection system. Compatible with all other building brick brands, Pix Brix transforms your building blocks with new possibilities and connections. Get yours today!

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