Pixel Art in real life

What inspires you to be artistic and creative? Playing and working with a single medium like Pix-Brix, can inspire your thinking and how you want your art to be portrayed.

This brings up the next question: How do you come up with new ideas for art that might seem overdone yet still original? Using Pix-Brix not only allows you to think two dimensionally but three dimensionally as well. Pix-Brix building blocks adds that third dimension to your art and ideas.

The unique brick connection allows the artist to build horizontally without a base plate. Each brick slides into the gears and has a strong hold so you are able to pick up the build without having it fall apart like a traditional puzzle.

When we think three dimensionally we can make anything that comes to mind from animals, Nintendo characters, Disney cartoon characters to giant replicas of buildings. The possibilities are endless, your imagination infinite.

Frame your work, or put it on a shelf to display to all your friends and family. Post on instagram and hash tag #pixbrix for the whole pixel community to see! Be proud of what you pixelate. To be a pixel artist is to be “8-bit” of retro and a little bit of square!