Pix Brix Makes Designing Fun And Easy

Creating awesome designs with Pix Brix is easier than ever! Unlike the other guys, Pix Brix does not require any additional materials other than the product itself. You do not have the extra expense of purchasing base plates or wax paper, and you don't need to use an iron to make the pieces adhere to one another. Our patent-patenting design allows for intricate connections in every direction allowing the freedom to create just about anything from flat designs to 3-D models. We also happen to be compatible with most major brands allowing for easy integration with your current building block sets. 

Below are a few different designs to showcase the versatility of Pix Brix building blocks. 



 Soon, we'll have a new website and a way to print out free templates via our Pinterest page. Stay tuned to our blog, Facebook, and Instagram for news and updates! And be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter where we showcase new designs and offer an exclusive limited-time discount you won't find anywhere else. Happy Pixelating! Be sure to tag us in your creations using hashtag #pixbrix.