Create Just About Anything With Pix Brix!

People are catching on to all of the creative possibilities with Pix Brix! No matter your age or expertise level with building blocks, Pix Brix offers hours of imaginative and creative enjoyment for the whole family. Whether you enjoy flat builds, 3-D designs, or want to integrate them with your major brand building blocks, Pix Brix offers a little bit of everything. 

While we do offer a farm and wilderness set where we show you how to assemble each animal, our biggest hit are the bulk brix where you can create anything you want! Research continues to support the value of open-ended play. Michigan State University says, “When children are given a toy that goes along with a movie or TV show, they know the “story” of how it should be played with, what should happen and the order of events. It can be hard for young children to be flexible enough to alter that story, to bring in characters that don’t “belong,” or to change the ending. There is room for this in play; many adults have fond memories of playing out similar stories of superheroes or fairy tale characters. However, when children only have access to toys with a familiar script, their opportunities to engage creative, spontaneous play can be limited. Play, and in particular creative play, has been identified as a key component of building children’s resilience, ability to focus and the ability to act intentionally, even when the outcome is unknown. These skills translate into competence and capability in adults.”

And with Pix Brix the only limit is your imagination! Easily create flat designs without the need of base plates, irons or anything else other than your Pix Brix.

If you prefer more 3-D environments, Pix Brix can do that too! Below is an example from our Facebook friend Bo Williams.

pix brix 3d design

And last but not least, Pix Brix are compatible with most major brands allowing for even more possibilities and connections!